Jan Popper Theater is an intimate and affordable performance venue ideal for lectures, small performance groups, and soloists.

Facilities (per day)

  • Jan Popper Theater rental:  $750 (includes house lighting package and access to dressing rooms)
  • Green room: $100

Equipment (per day)

  • Yamaha pass sound system: $150
  • Front projection system: $150

Staff (per hour)
We require all events be staffed by an Event Manager.  Additional crew are available, but most events in Popper only require one technician (the Event Manager).

  • Event Manager: $50
  • Audio-Visual Technician: $31
  • Stage crew: $28

Other options to meet your needs are available for a reasonable price.  For more information about pricing and availability, please contact Michele Eckart via our contact page.

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