Schoenberg Hall offers a wide range of services at competitive rates.
  • Hall rental (includes house lighting package and dressing rooms) $1,000 per day
  • Our green room is also available for $100 per day
We require each event to be staffed with an event manager.  Minimum crew call is 4 hours. House crew must be present to operate critical systems.  Additional crew my be hired to augment or assist your personnel.
  • Event Manager: $50 per hour
  • Audio Visual technicians: $31 per hour
  • Stage crew: $28 per hour
Equipment (rates are per day and do not include costs for technicians)
  • Sound system: $1200
  • Lecture Sound System: $350
  • Video projection system, front projection: $200 (rear projection system available upon request)
  • Stienway ‘D’ concert grand pianos: $350 (tuning not included)
  • Lectern: $150
Standard Lecture Package (sample)
  • Includes hall, house lighting package, lecture sound system, lectern, 1 wireless microphone, event manager, audio technician, master electrician, house manager and 2 ushers: $3,800  (The price may change depending on your specific needs)
We have a range of other equipment and services available.   For more specific information, please contact Michele Eckart via our contact page or download our Sample Rate Sheet.
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